D House by lode architecture as Architects

Beached on the estuary’s banks, where fresh waters meet rising tides, theD house cultivates contradictions. It can be either a shelter or a receptionplace, an intimate space or the place for partying. It is driven by oppositecurrents and its character varies depending on its occupants’ moods andnatural cycles.When discovering the house, the first thing we catch sight of is theoverhanging section. Thanks to a retaining wall, a hollow space appears below.Life is organised here around the hearth, the stairs and a central cookingisland. All around you, panoramic views of the undergrowth and beyond theriver are offered by the upstairs floor. Wells of light passing through theupstairs floor invite the sky into this blended landscape. On the ground, thestone disappears, the windowed angles fade. We live inside the wood. 

Upstairs, a succession of small spaces creates a completely different hushedatmosphere. We cross a series of adjoining rooms, lit through wooden trelliseswhich filter the view and dim the light. From the bedrooms, you can accessoutside closed‐in spaces to get fresh air or sunbathe above the living‐room.Nature is all around and envelopes you.The contrasting façades reflect the duality of these spaces. In very differentways they both adopt the same strategy of camouflage : the reflections of theleaves on the glazed surfaces, or the cladding made of untreated planks whichimitate the surrounding nature and whose texture merges in the woodyenvironment. Sophistication and rusticity, abstraction and materiality, thearchitecture of the house plays with dialectical sets, just like a landscapedrawing its strength from the confrontation of the elements. 

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