Villa_b is a detached residence with multiple characters: extrovert on the ground floor and introvert on the first floor. Due to this concept the residence has a surprisingly light and spacious interior, with a perfect balance between panorama and privacy 

This villa is situated at the edge of the small village Oostvoorne and borders on green plantation. The ground floor has an extrovert character with a lot of glass and a garden that seems to run through the living room. The residence has an open floor plan: all areas flow into each other and are being defined by walls of concrete. Sightlines link the different living areas, with the kitchen as the center of the plan. 

The façade of the first floor has a closed character that guarantees privacy. The rooms are situated around a patio, which provides a surprisingly light and spacious total. Bedrooms and the bathroom are running seamless trough into the patio; by opening the sliding doors they become one. Vides link the ground floor with the upper floor. 

The consumption of energy is minimal due to the use of high quality isolation material and the use of solar energy: big windows on the south side, a patio, and vides which let the sunlight enter the residence deeply. Due to the applying of concrete walls the residence has a highly heat accumulating ability. Rainwater is stored for use in the garden. 

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