Live in comfort

The company “Eco Build” is building one of its kind, evolutionary, contemporary and European house in Tsavkisi.  Panocasa is completely new type house, which is located close to Tbilisi, within 16 kilometers from Freedom Square.      
The project’s main concept represents the resolving of such an everyday problem, which is comprised of functional comfort, ecologically clean environment and simple communication with Tbilisi.   

Description of Panocasa

The building is 2 stories high, with total area of 567 sq.m of which 172 sq.m is living area, 350 sq.m is summer highways, 36 sq.m open air swimming pool and 9 sq.m additional space.  The building architecture is minimalistic. The main material used in construction of this building is a harmonious synthesis of wood, concrete, and glass. The enchanting characteristics of the building and architectural intent are represented by this synthesis and its rectangular form,  which reminds us of a wooden square box placed in concrete frame. The building’s outer frame’s size is 24.70m-10m and height is 6.40 m from the zero mark.

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